Top 7 free high quality YouTube fitness channels

How is your workout going?

Now, you can easily spend money on fitness related content, courses, subscriptions etc. but we have YouTube thank God, where you can find thousands, probably millions of free fitness videos.

With these 7 channels you will get everything you need to structure your workout to your preferences. They are all hand picked by us and include only channels that we personally used over the past 3 years. If you read our earlier post, you know that we’re fans of the H.I.I.T. workouts which give you the most value for your time. This is why most channels are based on H.I.I.T. workouts. However, all channels offer a whole variety of workouts, nutritional advice and more. Let’s dive in!

#1: The Body Coach TV (761k subscribers)

The Body Coach TV shows you how to workout anytime and anywhere with no equipment needed. When you are on the road or have no time for the gym, this is your way to stay fit. Joe has been at it since 2011 and puts out real quality videos.

#2: BeFit (2.97m subscribers)

BeFit has multiple personal trainers who get your blood flowing hard, offering a range from the ‘7 minute or less’ videos to yoga videos. There is a lot of material you can work with here. Thomas DeLauer is also there with some videos to give you some interesting health hacks.

#3: Fitness Blender (5.84m subscribers)

With more than 550 free fitness videos, Fitness Blender is probably the biggest free fitness content provider out there. The channel was created by the married couple Kelli and Daniel who have the goal of sharing unbiased workout, nutrition and health information. They felt like there was a lack of reliable fitness information on the web (us too) and decided to make it their mission to help everybody, regardless of their income, access high quality content.

#4: (4.61m subscribers)

This one is pretty obvious. If you are more into the conventional way of staying working out, this channel is yours. These guys are really good at giving you workouts that make you BIG. If this is your goal, there are tons of videos focused on all the main muscles that you can build. Next to that they also put out good videos on supplementing and diet advice, mostly focused on building muscle of course.

#5: HASFit (1.15m subscribers)

Muscle Building, Kettleball and weightloss exercises are some of the fitness areas the HASfit channel offers. They have a huge variety of videos too. The best of HASfit are their 30 – 90 day fitness programs, from beginner to pro. For the nutritional side, they also include meal plans in these programs.

#6: Adam Rosante (7.25k subscribers)

Adam simply gives you the tools to take responsibility of your life. His no BS approach and super quick workouts are easy to follow. With his filming locations, he definitively beats all other channels. Enjoy!

#7: ScottHermanFitness (2.29m subscribers)

Scott shoots a good combination of body workouts and weight training. This is much more of an influencer type of channel compared to the previous six. He does some Q&A sessions in his videos where he answers his followers questions regarding workouts, supplements and nutrition. New videos come out every Tuesday and Thursday.

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