15 Squat variations to dominate leg day

The day has come. You walk into the gym, taking a quick and elegant sip from your water, you walk onto the treadmill and start thinking about the most dreadful workout of the week.

Should I just skip it this time? ‘Tomorrow is a better day anyway’ – you tell yourself.

‘Who does leg day on a Monday anyway, probably no one.’

I know, leg day makes you an expert of procrastination. Not sure about you, but I get bored on leg day. Variation of squats has really helped me not to. So next time you are wondering how to make it more exciting, think about these 15 squat variations and go for it. Why squats? They are probably the most beneficial leg workout you can do.

  • They are a functional exercise, making real life situations simpler
  • Target your entire body, especially your abs and lower back (its a win-win-win)
  • Increase your flexibility in your joints, which helps prevent injuries
  • Boost your athletic performance, jump higher and run faster
  • And of course, you get that perfectly round butt that nobody can resist

Criricalbench has put together a perfect video with demonstrations for every variation.

Have fun dominating leg day.

Do you have any other squat variations in your repertoire?

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