10 Magical benefits of dandelions

(It’s not just rabbit food)

Many common plants have very interesting health benefits.

One of them is the famous Dandelion usually known as the “Pusteblume” in German the “blowing flower”. We decided to give this special plant higher consideration since it has multiple benefits overall. Read on and educate yourself about these benefits!

1. Highly nutritious

From root to flower, the dandelion is highly nutritious due to its high number of vitamins:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin E
  • Folate
  • B Vitamin

Next to containing some vital vitamins, dandelions are also rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron.

In the root you find the carbohydrate inulin which supports the growth of healthy gut bacteria in your intestine.

2. Reduces cholesterol

A study on rabbits found that this plant has an effect on the cholesterol levels. Scientists say that it could possibly treat non – alcoholic fatty liver disease. The effects on humans are not yet confirmed.

3. Fights inflammation

Inflammation in your body leads to multiple diseases over time. Most inflammation is caused through diet.

Studies have proven that dandelion compounds reduced inflammation due to the presence of various bio – active compounds in the plant such as polyphenols.

4. Boosts the immune system

Dandelions have antiviral properties that boost the immune system. According to one study it also limits the growth of hepatitis B in animals and humans.

5. Healthy skin

A study carried out in 2015 observed that dandelions may reduce the damaging effect of one type of UV light. This means that not only your skin is being protected but it also nourishes a younger appearance.

6. May aid weight loss

Some research speculates that dandelions can improve the ability to metabolize the carbohydrates and reduce fat absorption.

A study on mice showed evidence that chlorogenic acid found in dandelion reduced body weight and the levels of a certain number of fat – storage hormones in the body.

7. Healthy bones

The vitamins and minerals found in Dandelions point to the benefits for bones. The greens of Dandelions are sources of Vitamin K and calcium which both prevent bone loss.

8. Healthy liver

Yes, the liver too. Our bodies “sponge” is also benefiting from the dandelions by removing toxins, boosting the flow of liver bile and replenishing electrolytes.

9. Battles cancer

Dandelion root extract is a powerful treatment for leukemia and breast cancer. A 2011 study shows that skin cancer cells treated with Dandelion root extract showed significant improvement in just two days.

10. Fights diabetes

Dandelions stimulate the production of insulin which your body needs for the breakdown of sugar. Next to that, dandelions are a diuretic leading to more frequent urination that help remove excess sugars and sodium.

Consumption of dandelion

According to healthline.com here are some recommendations.

  • Fresh leaves: 4–10 grams, daily.
  • Dried leaves: 4–10 grams, daily.
  • Leaf tincture: 0.4–1 teaspoon (2–5 ml), three times a day.
  • Fresh leaf juice: 1 teaspoon (5 ml), twice daily.
  • Fluid extract: 1–2 teaspoon (5–10 ml), daily.
  • Fresh roots: 2–8 grams, daily.
  • Dried powder: 250–1,000 mg, four times a day.


  1. May cause allergic reactions
  2. May interact with certain antibiotics or diuretics

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