A bottle from the future for the present

It’s almost 2020. Time for a little update on the project. Next year, Fusion Kinetic is launching a completely new type of product. For all the fitness lovers out there, this will be a new tool for you to optimise your gym sessions.

It all started with a simple idea. How can ordinary shakers and bottles become something extraordinary, more functional, something that is not just a bottle? The first sketches were very exciting.

How are we different? Well, with the Fusion Kinetic bottle you can carry both, water and supplements at the same time. The benefits, you ask?

  • No more mixing your supplements inside your water bottle.
  • No more low quality leaking plastic shakers.
  • No more odor from the old protein powders stinking up your bottle (assuming you’re using one bottle for both purposes. You’re not? Then even better, now you can carry 2 in 1 with the new Fusion Kinetic bottle).

The Models

the Red Power Model

With two bottles connected as one with optimized strong magnets, you have an elegant shaker and a clear water bottle. They always stay together. Stay hydrated and nurture your muscles.

The bottle can be conveniently placed on any magnetic surface such as the workout machines in the gym or on your fridge at home. Easy storage is a practical feature of Fusion Kinetic.

the Yin Yang Model

Find your balance with the yin yang style model of the bottle. Unisex and user – friendly in terms of functionality, the Fusion Kinetic bottles are revolutionizing the bottle industry out there!

the Blue Dream Model

Perhaps you would be more inspired by the teal color and the inspiring relaxed dream model.

Whichever model you choose, you can unscrew the bottle from the bottom for easy cleaning.

Have it your way. Connect the parts or use them individually, this 2 in 1 bottle was designed to add value to you and your workout routine. Moreover, couples can benefit from this bottle simply due to its duality.

The Future

Fusion Kinetic is designing a magnetic phone holder to clip on to the bottle so that you have everything you need in one single item! An additional feature of the bottle is that it serves as a filming station if you’re into taking videos while you’re working out. No matter if you’re an influencer or you simply want to see yourself working out in a video, this bottle can help you with the technical support you need to actually stick your phone to the bottle and let yourself workout in peace while the video is rolling! This awesome feature was designed with you in mind and how to improve your consumer experience.

Support us on Kickstarter

Do you want your bottle faster than anticipated? Then support us starting February 2020 on Kickstarter!

We will keep you updated on the process.

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