The end of humanity 2.0 – from ape to AI

We are evolving. Evolution for the past 50,000 years has been rather slow, with little change in the way humans behave. Yes there have been significant advancements and very advanced ancient civilizations. However, once electricity became a normal part of our households and computers too, there have been mind – blowing advances in science and technology. There seems to be no slowing down.

In the book Homo – Deus by Yuval Noah Harari, evolution of religions, ideologies and technology is well described. He argues that in the future the world will be run by AI and if humans do not combine their biology with technology, the normal humans will have no more place in society. Pretty depressing thought, right? There will be a new human super elite, enhanced with synthetic material, computer chips making them super intelligent. You think the gap between rich and poor is big now? There will be a gap between humans and super humans in the future. You better upgrade right now or be left behind.

The age of bio – hacking has arrived

We have come to the time were we can start to super optimise our own biology. Bio – hacking is known as the ‘do it yourself biology’. More people are starting to modify themselves into walking cyborgs as we speak. The extreme bio – hackers are called Grinders, who are actually implanting themselves with different things, such as chips that mimic contact less payment. They pay with their hands not a card anymore.

For me personally this goes way too far and I would not implant myself with anything. I want to talk about the normal kind of bio – hacking that anyone can do to improve their own biology. With that I mean enhancing cognitive performance, energy levels and avoiding dangerous diseases.

The easiest form of bio – hacking

Let’s start with a question. What do you do to influence your biology on a daily basis? Well the first thing you do is: you think.

When you think, your body secrets chemicals, mostly hormones. Which kind of hormones your body secrets depends on how you think. If you think powerful and positive thoughts, your body will secret hormones that make you feel good. If you think self depraving, negative thoughts, your body secrets hormones that make you feel like sh**. Basically we are bio – hacking ourselves constantly and the easiest hack you can do to change your biology is the habit of thinking only thoughts that get you where you want to be and any thought that does not serve you, drop it and re – frame it. Try watch your thoughts for 7 days and see how much good and bad you can find.

What else do you do to hack your biology? You eat or drink. Drinking coffee is probably the most common bio – hack. Smoking is probably the second most common one. Not recommended though. The best bio-hackers use research to watch exactly what happens when you eat certain types of food. The best part of bio – hacking is that with only your food intake, you actually are tackling the four most common diseases that humanity faces, such as Alzheimer’s heart disease, diabetes and cancer because they are highly related to diet.

Bio – hacking your body with food is already quite well known. Which foods are good and bad for you should be known to most people. Bio – hackers take eating clean to another level.

How to eat like a bio – hacker:

  • Eliminate sugar
  • Eat more antioxidants such as: berries, herbs&spices, coffee, tea and dark chocolate
  • Do not eat any fried food
  • No charred meat
  • Avoid eating grains
  • Do not eat after dark
  • Try intermittent fasting
  • Try consuming as many energy fats as you can

This is a good list for you to start with. It seems impossible for most people for us too. But we are trying to get better!

Take drugs

There are numerous smart drugs out there. Biohacking your biology also includes hacking your brain. There are many ways to do that with substances. The most affordable supplement out there is Coenzyme Q10. The body needs it to produce energy. It naturally exists in your body. Another very common substance is L-theanine. It is an amino acid found in green tea. It makes your brain more plastic, keeping it young. Another simple supplement is Curcumin. This simple substance often known through the spice tumeric used in curries has proven to reduce amyloid build – up in the brain. Amyloid is directly linked to Alzheimer’s disease. Taking curcumin is also direclty linked to improved memory and attention abilities.

You might also want to look into:

  • Piracetam: Reduces cognitive decline
  • Modafinil: Performance enhancing
  • Deprenyl: Microdose Deprynil for performance enhancing effects


A lot of toxins are consumed on a daily basis. Most of them actually come from the food to eat. As more of our food is contimated we are also contaminaing ourselves. Industrially produced food in general should be avoided. Try to buy organic food to avoid the build up of toxins in your body. You might not feel anything now but in the long term you will feel the effects.

The most common toxins are heavy metals such as mercury. Most fish these days have a high mercury content and that can be taken out of your body by sucking it all up with:

  • Activated Charcoal: It absorbs, acting like a sponge, activated charcoal sucks up the toxins by binding to dangerous chemicals. Do not take this with other supplements as it also absorbs the good stuff
  • Chlorella: It absorbs Mercury very well
  • Gluathione: Another powerful antioxidant that deal effectively with heavy metals

Happy bio – hacking

Lastly, we wish you all the best with all the tips and tricks for bio – hacking. If you have any questions regarding the content, let me know. Maybe you already are a professional bio – hacker and want to share some insights into your knowledge in the comments.

Enjoy optimising yourself! Talk soon.

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