5 Highly successful people to follow in 2020

It’s almost time for those cheesy New Year’s resolutions that will last until the end of January, until we fall back into our old habits.

There are times in our lives where it seems easier to start a new pattern. Mostly these times happen when something emotional happens. A death of a close friend can be absolutely devastating or trigger the courage to do something with your life that you have always wanted to do, but never quite managed.

Have you heard about the stories where the person who almost died in a car accident completely turned their life around? Many times, this type of desperate moment would allow us to break out of our old ways of doing things.

A New Year on the other hand is not something very dramatic, yet we still feel the urge to change something. One thing a New Year does is that it gives you the illusion that all the failures and disappointments that you have experienced in 2019 are erased in 2020. This happens simply because we’re under the illusion that we’re dealing with a different number so the number we’re in (the year 2019) will disappear (and all the horrible things that come with 2019), right? How often do you not move ahead because you feel like there is too much baggage that you are carrying around with you?

Another factor that helps us change in the beginning of a New Year is marketing. Companies usually encourage the culture of New Year new me too. You see dozens of offers in the fitness industry. It works well, they get their members and still have space in the gym as most are already gone in February.

Why do we need a New Year, a perceived new beginning, to start? Because it gives the sense that everything is possible. When you start learning a new language in the beginning it seems possible, learning a new instrument it seems possible and then after a few days of learning it gets hard. If you are disciplined, you may be able to go for longer periods, but eventually you will give in.

What you you need is accountability. You need someone to hold you accountable for your goals. Somebody to ask you: How are you doing? What steps are you taking to achieve your goal?

If you want to achieve your goals it is helpful to have a mentor. If you don’t have one personally, then read our top picked people you can follow who put out great content to help you stay true to your goals.

#1: Daniel Di Piazza

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Daniel is a best selling Author and entrepreneur. He has some great content all over the web. He has been featured in Forbes, Time Magazine and Fortune Inc.

Next to the great business advice, Daniel has some great advice on life in general, especially when it comes to goal setting and accountability.

His book ‘Ditch your Average Job Start an Epic Business and Score the Life you want’ is also helpful in developing your passion.

#2: Tom Bilyeu

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Well known for his podcast show called Impact Theory, Tom constantly has the world’s most interesting and successful people on his show. Ray Dalio, John Travolta, Mark Manson, Simon Sinek and Steve Aoki have all been featured on Impact Theory.

Tom goes all the way to the core in his conversations by diving deep into the subject and analyze it from different angles. This is one of the most educational podcasts out there.

#3: Dan Peña

Image result for dan pena

If you are ever feeling sorry for yourself and need someone to kick your lazy ass out of bed, there is no better person than Dan Peña!

Known as the ‘50 billion Dollar man‘, Dan Peña lives in a castle in Scotland, from where he is teaching his Quantum Leap Advantage (QLA) Seminars.

If you have a problem with cursing, please do not listen to Dan. There is tons of free material on his website.

#4: Tony Robbins

Image result for tony robbins

Tony is mostly known as a Guru. He has written numerous books about self-development such as  ‘Unlimited Power’ and ‘Awaken the Giant Within‘.

There is probably years worth lengths of videos from Tony online. He often focuses on the ‘why’ of things, which is why my girlfriend loves him! To get somewhere, your ‘why’ has to be big enough. If you do not know why you should do something, you will not do it.

#5: Gary Vaynerchuk

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Born in the former Soviet Union, Gary Vaynerchuck is now a very successful businessman. His no BS approach on stage and pretty much in general makes it very entertaining to watch him. He has built a big social presence through his #AskGaryVee Show.

If you are into digital marketing and the social media world, take a look at Gary’s website for free downloadable material.

The good part about the Internet is that you have access to many people who can inspire you and motivate you in 2020. Whenever you feel like you are stuck or you feel like giving up, think about one of your favourite entrepreneurs, athletes or maybe a family member that you respect and admire. Ask yourself what would they do in the situation you’re in and act accordingly.

Sometimes such a simple approach can help you much more than you would think.

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