What will change in the world of fitness?

Since a few years we have seen a great number of innovations in the fitness industry. With wearable tech dominating the past few years, it has shaped a craze around measuring all kinds of performance metrics. Everyone is now a professional athlete. Will we need personal trainers in the future or will your PT be on your wrist or implanted as a chip?

Maybe we are not getting chipped just yet, but how about a suit that sends electrical impulses through your body while you work out?

#1 EMS Training

Personally I am a little scared of electricity, but if it could enhance the effectiveness of a workout by 50%, I might reconsider.

EMS training is what we are talking about here. EMS stands for Electro Muscle Stimulation. If you do not have enough time, with EMS you can cut your workout time down to 20-minutes. The EMS machine activates 80% of your muscles simultaneously, making it probably the most efficient way to workout ever.

Prediction: We will see devices in regular households that were until now only for physiotherapists or professionals.

#2 Tech-Abetted Home Gyms

Have you heard about mirror? Since training at home by yourself can be boring, Mirror can change that. If you want some tech in your house, this is the right option for you. Try Mirror on a subscription base and you can workout from the comfort of your home and watch yourself flex in the mirror without feeling awkward.

Prediction: Smart Home gyms will become more popular in our busy lifestyles, exchanging regular gyms to save user’s time and money.

#3 Mindfulness and Recovery

Not so long ago, in a land not so far away there was a saying: ‘No pain, no gain’. Mindless pumping day after day, expecting great results. Professionals are now realizing that former non-fitness related practices, such as meditation, are vital for good performance.

Recovery especially, has so many different varieties, but a shower and a protein shake doesn’t cut it anymore. There is Marc Pro for example, an electronic muscle stimulation device for self-use.

Foam rolling 2.0 is has arrived. HyperIce has brought a vibrating high tech foam roller to the market. They have used technology to make foam rolling even more effective.

Prediction: We will see more common devices such as foam rollers, yoga mats, weights and gym machines being infused with technology to make them more efficient and also personalized to individual needs.

#4 Cold Workouts

What about the warm up? Cold temperatures are really good for you as I have written about it in my earlier post, get cold now, thank yourself later.

The company Brrrn has taken initiative in this matter and started offering classes in New York City. So next time you go for a run in winter forget the long-sleeves.

Prediction: In 2020 we will see more variety in fitness and health studios, cold workout studios will increase around the Western world.

#5 Wearables

From a step tracker to a healthcare device, wearables have seriously leveled up. In addition to tracking your steps, they now also monitor your heart rate, sleep patterns, stress levels, menstrual cycle, fertility windows and noise levels.

It is not just watches and wristbands anymore. The new Oura ring has made headlines this year. It is a sleep tracking device, helping you to optimize your sleep to increase your performance.

Prediction: Wearbales will become smaller and more efficient, tracking more metrics than ever before, giving us the power to take care of our health and avoid doctor visits by preventing problems from arising through technology.

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