8 Reasons to add Brussels Sprouts to your meals forever

These weird looking little cabbages are an absolute winner when it comes to healthy meals. They are full of goodness and they taste absolutely delicious, especially when roasted with with some pancetta and olive oil, topped with some parmesan. Mine and my girlfriend’s absolute favorite.

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Brussels Sprouts were first cultivated in ancient Rome, but now take the name of the Belgian city Brussels. There, they have been grown since the 13th century and became very popular in the South of the Netherlands in the 16th century.

Why should you have them on your plate? Probably they are the reason for Dutch prosperity. No, not really, but they are filled with numerous vitamins and minerals and their health benefits are almost godly. They are high in potassium, folate, vitamin C, calcium, fiber, and iron.

#1 They are full of antioxidants

There is hardly any vegetable that beats Brussels sprouts in this category. A study carried out in the Netherlands in 1995 found evidence that the consumption of Brussels sprouts reduced cell damage by 28%. In other words, Brussels sprouts slow the oxidation of your DNA. This means you age slower. Have you started cooking yet?

#2 They are full of diabetes fighting alpha-lipoic acid

Alpha lipoic-acid lowers your blood glucose levels and increase insulin sensitivity. That’s not all, it also helps break down carbohydrates to make energy organs in the body. This makes Brussels sprouts a perfect food for diabetics or pre-diabetics who want to reverse their condition.

#3 They are overflowing with Vitamin C

You can forget lemons, one cup of Brussels sprouts is packed with more that 150 % of the daily recommended vitamin C intake, one of the most important vitamins the body needs for iron absorption, a strong immune system and the production of collagen.

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#4 They are full of inflammatory reducing compounds

Inflammation is what probably causes most disease. By reducing inflammation in your body, you are on a good path to staying healthy for a long time.

#5 They contain Omega-3 fatty acids

Most people associate Omega-3 with meat and fish. Fish especially is full of omega-3 fatty acids. Vegetables are too, though you will have to eat them in a higher dosage for a significant effect. Omega-3 fatty acids are supporting healthy cognitive function and help reduce your LDL cholesterol and increase your HDL cholesterol.

#6 They may prevent cancer

Brussels sprouts contain sulfur-containing compounds called glucosinolates, which your body uses to make isothiocyanates. This activates a cancer-fighting enzyme system in your body.

The Journal of Carcinogenesis

#7 They are also a good source of plant protein

If you are worried that you are getting no protein when eating plants, this does not apply to Brussels sprouts. About 25 % of their nutritional value comes from protein, adding up to approximately 4 grams of protein per cup.

#8 They are high in fiber

A key ingredient in a healthy diet is fiber. As we talked about in previous posts, your gut health is key for holistic health. Fiber aids your digestion and takes pressure of your gut. When your gut is happy you are happy. Another benefit of fiber is that it makes you feel full longer, which in turn keeps you from snacking throughout the day.

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