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Have you heard about the Bungee workout?

I was on the lookout the other day, for a new type of workout I can add to my routine. I came across a unique type of workout that immediately caught my attention. Apparently it originated in a fitness studio in Bangkok, Thailand.

At first glance, it seems more like something you would do in an amusement park for your 12th birthday but it’s actually a type of workout used under different names and trademarks all over the world. It first made headlines in 2018 and now brands such as Super Fly® are expanding the idea internationally.

Bungee Super Fly® combines resistance training and a cardiovascular workout, while being attached to a bungee cord. It has a super high fun-factor while enjoying an effective workout.

When you are doing the workout, you are attached to a harness, bungee, carbineres, swivel, daisy chain ropes. You are basically ready jump off a bridge, but instead you stay in the studio and get going.

A mixture of acrobatics, dance and resistance training is what you experience ones you are attached to the equipment. The main benefits are getting your heart rate up and burning calories, while you are not on the ground as usual.

If you are in Amsterdam, you can try it out at three different locations. However, they are also expanding World Wide and can be found in many European cities. If you want, you can join their 4-day course and become a teacher. It’s definitely something unique to have on your CV.


It is kind of hard to imagine how it would feel flying around on the bungee rope. Samantha Duff, the owner of Samyoga says, “When you think about a normal squat, it’s harder to come back up. But with the bungee, it’s harder to go down into the squat so you are really using your core muscles to push down so you can spring back up.” 

Can you find the “flying workout” close to your too? Maybe you can use it to change up your routine too.

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