Gyms during COVID-19; new ideas

The COVID-19 virus has changed the whole world. There is no business that’s not at least partially damaged by the action of this unpleasant crisis.

Adapting to a new period of coexistence with the virus brings some innovative ways to continue a regular life. Gyms are particularly affected as they are the perfect places for the microorganism. New ideas are being devised on how to get around this problem and move on with our lives.

New code of conduct

Almost all gyms in the world have a new code of conduct. We need to get used to it as soon as possible.

The new rules are displayed at the entrance to the gyms. They remind us of the existence of Covid-19.

New ideas

New ideas in virus protection are emerging almost every day.

For starters, we’ll mention an unusual “Inspire South Bay Fitness Gym” solution. This gym from Los Angeles enclosed nine individual spaces, which made contact between people impossible. These cabins are a very innovative solution. Of course, it’s still necessary to keep the distance when leaving the gym, considering all precautions.

Breaking myths

All gyms around the world have introduced mandatory disinfection, wearing masks, measuring temperature, and social distance. However, it’s imperative to break the myth that wearing a mask is useful while training. The face-cover needs to be worn when you come and leave the gym. Wearing a mask during training will create additional problems that you don’t want. The World Health Organization has confirmed this, claiming that a sweaty face-cover even increases the chances of infection because it becomes suitable for the development of microorganisms (1).

Disinfection and distance are mandatory

We can find disinfectants every few meters. Serious gyms will pay a lot of attention to this. It’s also crucial that the equipment is disinfected continuously. Moreover, after each use, the equipment must be cleaned immediately so that the next person has no chance of becoming infected.

Furthermore, users should maintain a distance by leaving at least one empty machine between them. In this way, they can achieve the specified range.

Introducing a schedule

One additional solution is to introduce a training schedule to establish order. In this way, potential crowds in gyms are reduced. Some gyms even time-limit their users. So, it would be best if you used your time in the gym without much talk. If the gym has its own towels, they should be washed immediately after use. The advice goes in the direction that all gym users bring at least two of their own towels. With one, it’s possible to cover the surface of the equipment while the other would be used to wipe the sweat.

Many gyms advise not to touch the face during training, which is perhaps the most challenging task. After training, disinfection is mandatory and disposable equipment must be immediately thrown in the trash.

Showering is a problem

Showers are particularly susceptible to the spread of the virus; so many gyms have changed this service. Some even advise users to take showers at home. This is undoubtedly an inconvenience, but it may not be a bad idea for protection. A little unpleasant odor is better than this unknown and dangerous disease.

Outdoor gyms

Increased room ventilation is also mandatory. Another important thing is the obligatory serving of drinks in disposable bottles to prevent unwanted consequences. What some gyms are trying to do is form an outdoor space. In this way, the possibility of spreading the infection is drastically reduced. Indoors is the most suitable ground for the virus, so people came up with the idea of taking some machines out into the yard and thus overcoming the problem.


COVID-19 no doubt disturbed us greatly. It showed us how fragile our world is. We became aware that we need to appreciate little things like morning training.

As can be seen, gyms are particularly delicate places for unforeseen health situations. However, new protection ideas are coming from all over the world, so we can say that our favorite training places are pretty safe. There are also great ways to stay fit at home with these innovative training apps.

It’s up to you to respect the measures and to come to the training motivated as before. Have the new limitations affected your gym routine?



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