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New Home Workout Equipment That Will Transform Your House Into Your Personal Fitness Haven

COVID-19 pandemic affecting most parts of the world, has led to almost all gyms and fitness studios to close down. Many of you do not have the liberty of doing your exercise routines outdoors due to safety reasons. Therefore, it is best to have your own home gym. Adding some of this new home workout equipment to your home gym will allow you to continue workouts at the comfort of your home, safely.

What are the things to consider when buying equipment for your home gym?

  • Space – part of your living room, bedroom or basement can be converted into your home gym.
  • Cost – what you buy must fit your budget
  • Type of equipment – variety is important for a balanced workout
  • Your fitness goals

Here, we will discuss some of the new workout equipment which you can stock in your home gym.

For Body weight training

  • TRX suspension trainer

This training system will work on both your upper and lower body and develops core stability. Although a little expensive, it is easy to set up and cost effective.

  • Dumb bell sets

The single most versatile home weights to workout your whole body and to build muscles is the dumb bell set.

  • Doorway pull up and chin up bar

Pullups exercise your back muscles, shoulders, chest and arms. By changing your hand position on the bar, you can easily isolate muscle groups. Pullup bars also help to lose body weight.

  • Exercise core sliders (Gliding discs)

These can take your planks and core routine to a whole new level. They help low impact movements during intense workouts and strengthens your major muscle groups. Intensity of various exercises can be increased by using these discs without any impact on your joints.

For Resistance training

  • Ankle weights – They add extra resistance to your lower body moves. Ex: Donkey kicks, Core exercises like V-Ups
  • Resistance band loop set – These portable bands come in various sizes and tension levels. You can switch between working your core, arms and legs easily without changing equipment.
  • Wrist weights – These add extra challenge to your workouts. They are easy to transport and take minimal space to store.
  • Ultimate body press exercise sand bag – It is an economical and convenient way for a home workout. This added resistance uses water instead of sand, which is easy to fill or to adjust the weight at home. You can perform strength training type exercises such as bicep curls, squats, deadlifts, lunges and chest presses using this.

For Cardio training

  • WOD Nation Speed Jump rope – It is a challenging workout with a significant cardio punch. It takes up minimal space and is portable too.
  • Jump Sport 250 In home cardio fitness Rebounder – This not only challenges your core and other muscles in the body, it is fun too.
  • Pelton Bike – It gives the best indoor cycling experience. It’s real time metrics display helps you to track your progress with resistance, cadence, heart rate and power output.
  • Treadmill – It is a popular fitness equipment and a form of cardio exercise. It is an excellent way to burn calories and to lose weight. It is relatively expensive and takes up space.

Foldable indoor rowing machines and exercise bikes are also efficient ways to burn calories and build muscles. If you like cycling, a Turbo trainer is a must have.

  • Life Fitness G7 Multigym – It is a professional grade set up which features weight stacks, adjustable twin pulleys and chin up bars. It helps to workout almost all muscle groups in your body. You need to have a larger space and it is comparatively expensive. If used well, it ensures every muscle being worked out so your money will be well spent.

For Stability training

  • TKO Stability Exercise ball – They are versatile and you can target your upper and lower body as well as stabilizing your core. Air pump is a plus because you can inflate it properly before use.
  • BOSU Pro Balance Trainer – Helps with stability and balance and can be used as a stretching tool to intensify a workout. Flat and rounded sides can be used for different exercises including strength and plyometric training.
  • Ab Roller – Helps to build strong core, lats and triceps. It also helps to lose belly fat.

For Circuit training

  • Seconds Pro Interval timer – This interval timer App can get you through the workout plan, including warm up, circuits and finishes effectively as it is broken down into doable segments.

For recovery

A Recovery tool is good to have in a home gym.

  • TRATAC Active Ball –This is a vibrating ball which loosens your tight muscles and relieves pain.
  • Trigger point GRID Textured Foam Roller – It soothes sore muscles and keeps your body loose and limber.

When it comes to workout equipment and home trainer workout program Apps, TONAL is a great home personal fitness solution. It provides you with motivation and training efficiently and it replaces your need to go to a gym. There are hundreds of workout programs to select from. Whether you seek to get stronger for a sport, to build muscles or be fit for life.

Smart accessories offered by TONAL

  • Digital weights – You can get weights up to 200 pounds.
  • Touch screen display – You can select a program and follow as Tonal coaches motivate you through your workout. Tonal’s built in intelligence guides track your workouts just like a personal trainer would.
  • Heart rate sensors – it is good to monitor your heart rate while you work out.

Your personal fitness goal will determine what you need as home gym equipment, whether your aims are to lose weight, tone up or to lose belly fat. You can choose workout equipment for your home gym to suit your needs.

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