We are a mission with a company. Yes, you got that right.

We are transparent and community orientated, therefore we are integrating the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals into our business model. We tackle several SDG’s and create an improved circular economy.

We achieve this by merging industries such as the bottle market with art and design. Through national and international collaborations, Fusion Kinetic is creating a global impact and spreading the vision of a truly united world.

We believe that by creating an environment of inclusion & giving back to the people and the planet, everyone benefits.

Our vision is to have 5 million users by 2029 and reduce plastic (bottle) waste by 5% among the millennials worldwide. And since our bottle contains two connected bottles, we double the amount of plastic that we’re saving!

Our Mission

We create sustainable products that connect the world and protect our planet. Using the bottle as a tool to bring people together, we want to create a better life for talented people in Kenya by giving them the opportunity to gain international recognition through us.

We aim to facilitate 100.000 artworks imprinted on our bottles and empower 1000 Kenyan artists to develop a career in this area in the next 10 years.

Visit our official website to read the full story.

The Fusion Kinetic Team

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