Train only 30 Minutes and live longer

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Time is your most valuable asset. You have probably heard this before and it is true.

Unfortunately, time is our best friend and our worst enemy.

When we are in the gym it can often make us feel like there is not enough of it. Especially with our super busy lifestyle in this day and age.  

Working out for longer does not mean you see better results. It is just wasting your time that you could be spending on priceless Netflix binges.

So how do we make the most of our work out in 30 minutes?

1st: Focus. You need every minute of your workout scripted. That means no bullshit during those 30 minutes, your Instagram can wait.

2nd: The Circuit is the key – The 30-minute routine is based on a circuit workout.

3rd: On its core, this is a high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. Getting that heart rate up and keeping it there. Its short but its tough. That is why most people prefer long and boring workouts. (Bring a towel)

The main goal of the workout is to strip away body fat and tremendously increasing your performance. Remember that the workout is personal for you. You know when you are at the limit, the point is to get to your personal limit within these 30-minutes.

A HIIT training means that you reach 80-95% of your maximum heart rate so make sure that you are in good health and do not have any complications that lead do death. So if you are just starting be careful.

Huge health benefits of HIIT:

According to to a study of cell metabolism from 2017, HIIT effectively stops ageing on a cellular level. Your mitochondria literally grow. Mitochondria are responsible for energy production so without them you would actually die. Your blood sugar is also regulated and so HIIT is huge in the fight against Diabetes.

HIIT also releases brain derived neutropic factor (BDNF). This protein is responsible for memory and learning. Eating, drinking and bodyweight regulation is also connected to BDNF.

The Ultimate time saver !

Next to having increadible health benefits, the time HIIT saves you is incerdible. If you want to go to the extreme, read the book “The One minute workout” by Dr. Martin Gibala from Canadas McMaster University.

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The 30 Minute Workout

5 minutes of a dynamic warm-up.

  • 1-minute jumping jacks
  • 1-minute inchworms
  • 1-minute run on the spot
  • 1-minute jumping jacks
  • 1-minute plank hold

Round #1: Legs

  • 1-minute High knees on spot
  • 4-minutes (20-seconds on, 10 seconds rest): Squats
  • 1-minute rest

Round #2: Arms

  • 1-minute air punches
  • 4-minute Push-ups(2 minutes wide, 2 minutes narrow)
  • 1-minute rest

Round #3: Abs

  • 1-mountain climbers
  • 4-minute Tabata
  • 1- minute Russian twists
  • 1-minute rest

Round #4: Push your limits

  • 1-minute run on the spot
  • 4 minutes-burpees
  • 1-minute rest

Cool down

Walk 2-3 minutes on the treadmill or outside if you can. You can also combine the walk with a few stretches on your way of the gym to save time.

So now its up to you. Of course, you can customise the workout to your preferences. Important is to keep it at high intensity.

With that said, let me know how it goes. Leave a comment or shoot me an email.

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